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Refinery at Nawa

Salt has always been harvested from Sambhar Lake. For many centuries, Sambhar salt would be harvested from solar pans drying off the lake's sub-brine. The resulting raw salt would then be washed and sold as-is. There would be no refining of the end product.


In 1993, Girdhar Saboo, our Founder and Managing Director, a then fresh graduate in Chemical Engineering, approached IDBI and TDICI for venture funding the salt refinery works in Village Govindi, Nawa City.

Showing prescient judgement, the institutions went ahead with the project and Saboo Sodium Chloro Limited was formed. IPO-ing in May 1995, the company's shares were listed on the Bombay Stock Exchange with a large oversubscription.

Swiss Technology

The refining of salt was a complex industrial process at high degrees of purity. To achieve purity standards which could be considered world-class, technology was sought from Switzerland and Germany. Through intense technical collaboration, Saboo Sodium Chloro Ltd. was brought to life.

Creation of Surya Salt

Surya Salt is one of India's first edible salt brands. And, to date, the only branded lake salt brand in India. Started in the 1990s alongwith the Refinery at Nawa City, Surya Salt grew to be one of the most successful regional FMCG names in the country - with an enviable customer brand recall value which is continuing strong even today. Through intensive national advertising programs, including on all major broadcasters and newspapers, Surya Salt pioneered FMCG brand-building in India and created a legacy of synonymity for customers with quality and trust for itself in the process.

SSCL Today - Mature and Diversified

Saboo Sodium Chloro Limited has today evolved into a diversified holding company with primary operations in consumer brands and hospitality. In addition, the firm serves B2B contracts and other international trade opportunities in engineering and procurement on an expertise-basis.

Our portfolio of consumer brands includes household names such as 'Surya Salt' - with a commanding market presence and share in North Indian markets. We also have regional brands such as Tota Salt, Saboo Salt, Aayush Detergent and Double Tota Chai in our portfolio of consumer brands. At heart, SSCL is an FMCG company and our team has an innate knowledge and understanding of Indian FMCG - one of the most competitive markets in the world.

Our hospitality operations include our flagship hotel in Jaipur, Rajasthan - Samskara Resort & Spa. A health and wellness property, Samskara is set in an amla orchard with hundreds of trees and other calming plantations. SSCL is keenly looking towards acquiring and executing additional hospitality ventures in the near future with a key interest and focus in premium segments.

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