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Sustainable Energy


Solar Panels in Mountains

Sustainability & Renewables

SSCL has made leading investments in green energy and renewables to become one of the most energy and cost-efficient salt refineries in the world. Today, 85% of our manufacturing electricity needs are met via captive solar plants. SSCL is also establishing captive solar plants at all hospitality assets by FY23/24.

SSCL owns a 1.05MW solar plant in Rajgarh, Madhya Pradesh - energy and RECs produced are sold on the open market and via long-term contracts.

More than just good for the environment.

SSCL's captive solar plants provide up to 85% of our total manufacturing energy needs. This allows SSCL to boast some of the highest margins and cost efficiencies amongst refineries not only in India but also abroad. Our products are price competitive anywhere in the world - thanks to our energy being as pure as Sambhar's salt.

SSCL Nawa Plant.jpeg

(Pictured: Captive solar at SSCL Nawa with SSCL workers' residential colony visible in the background.)

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