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Surya Salt

Surya Salt, launched in 1993, represents a marquee consumer brand with an enviable brand image and name recollection. Trusted by customers across North India, Surya Salt enjoys the status of now being a household name.


Every packet of Surya is sourced from the pristine waters of Sambhar Lake - pure, just as nature intended.


Tota Salt

Tota Salt, the rurally popular consumer salt offering of SSCL, is a healthy lake salt sourced from the waters of Sambhar and triple refined using Swiss technology.


Tota Salt has found appreciation across North Indian markets such as Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, UT of Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar.

Aayush Detergent

Aayush Detergent ensures clean, stain-free clothing with every wash. Launched in 2022 and marketed across Rajasthan, Aayush is finding place as a detergent-of-choice.

Our heritage and decades of expertise in Chemistry, leveraged to provide cost-sensitive, high-quality solutions.

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Double Tota Chai

Born from the finest tea gardens of North-East India, Double Tota Chai is one of SSCL's latest FMCG offerings. Currently marketed across Rajasthan, Double Tota is positioned to become a leading tea for price & quality sensitive rural consumers.

Leveraged expertise in FMCG and quality control, delivered fresh.

Saboo Salt

Saboo Salt is positioned as a natural and vibrant salt of the earth. Carrying the name of our founders, Saboo Salt is a guarantee of exceptional quality and trust.

Colorful packaging distinguishes every packet of Saboo Salt as unmistakably premium Sambhar Lake salt.

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National Leaders in Media & Promotion

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"सांभर झील का अतिशुद्ध नमक"


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