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Jal Mahal

Our flagship hospitality asset Samskara Resort & Spa, Jaipur opened doors in 2019 with 50 rooms and 7 pools. Set in gooseberry orchards, Samskara offers luxury spa services and holistic wellness options to guests.


Over the next few years, Saboo Sodium Chloro Limited is expanding in hospitality with a niche in capital-efficient luxury. We wish to create wellness locations which contribute positively to communities around them and generate above market returns.


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Samskara Resort & Spa, Jaipur


Established in 2019

50 Rooms

7 Pools - Open & Private

Presidential Villa & Cottages

Full Service Restaurant

A 100% SSCL Subsidiary

Images of Samskara Resort & Spa, Jaipur

Samskara Image C.jpeg


In an expansive Gooseberry grove

Development Plans - SSCL Hospitality

FY 2024 - FY 2025

FY 2024 - FY 2025

FY 2025 - FY 2026

Samskara Pushkar - a unique, 135-room property to cater to the popular regional destination of Pushkar. 5 stars and in the luxury market.


Samskara Jawai - a boutique 35-room resort to cater to affluent environmental tourists from Delhi and surrounding areas. 5 stars and in the ultra-luxury market.


Samskara Udaipur - a 250-room resort visualized to cater to inbound tourism from Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, and Delhi.

5 stars and in the mid-luxury market.


SSCL is positioned to undertake sizeable capital investment as well as engage in M&A to rapidly increase our hospitality presence. Reach out for any business development queries:

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